Paper Pom Poms

For those of you who don’t live in the U.K, Ireland or if you don’t happen to possess windows nor social media then you may not have been aware of the ‘Beast from the East’, AKA super intense snow conditions that have made this country shut down.  While it’s lovely to go out and about, build all sorts of snow constructions and all that, your hands and feet do get to a point where they are purple, stopped functioning and all you want to do is go inside. Also it’s now March and I want to start getting those spring vibes, snow or no snow, so I decided to make these paper pom poms.



The pom poms look great when they are all done and dusted, and seem rather complicated upon inspection so it makes you seem like a very creative/ crafty person. But between you and me they are really quick and easy enough to make. The pom poms also make your flat or room look 100% more Pintrest worthy.


So to bring a little spring into your chosen room (s) all you need is:

  • Scissors
  • tissue paper, 5 sheets per pom pom
  • string

Additionally a hot drink and some music or a pal is always a solid companion too.

To make these bad boys:

  1. Count out 5 large sheets of tissue paper, fold in half lengthways and cut along the crease, so that you now have 10.
  2. Make sure your sheets are aligned and then do a neat accordion fold the whole way up your tissue paper.
  3. Once you have finished folding get your string and tie tightly around the middle of the folded paper.
  4. Use your scissors to trim the ends into a shape, I tried out both rounded and pointy edges.
  5. The only tricky stage to these pom poms is this part; you need to seperate each layer pulling it up and towards the tied middle section. This is you creating the body of the pop pom. Its grand if you happen to tear the tissue a little as its not noticable in the end result.
  6. On the various youtube videos they call this ‘fluffing’, essentially just tidy up the pom pom ensuring that its fairly round in shape.
  7. Last but not least hang it up!



On the side:

Don’t be afraid to pull the tissue paper firmly, if the paper rips its all grand as you wont notice it once it’s hung up. The separation of the sheets is the only fiddly bit so just a heads up there. For a really spring feel try to choose light coloured tissue papers. I used this video as a guide, as its easier sometimes to see the things being done, as sometimes even with decent instructions a visual aid always helps.

Enjoy guys xox

IMG_6915Glasgow stereotypes






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