And so we begin

Welcome, welcome!

When writing these first few words of this new journey, I have already restarted this sentence many times wanting to get it ‘right’. This, though, goes against want I hope for this space. You’ll hopefully overtime, find a multitude of different musings and mumblings from little ol’ me.

up, up and away!

This is a space of internal thoughts, random things be it musings on paper or that notes app on my phone, photos both analogue and digital, maybe the odd recipe or two and misc bits n bobs that take my fancy. I don’t want to tether this space to one thing as I hope it will grow and change with me. That said, it is the ups and downs, and how I navigate them will possibly be a theme of much of my initial content. Blogs I think are an inherently interesting medium, I say this because there is so much opportunity. One can mold and shape it to whatever takes their fancy, and it doesn’t tie you to one particular mode of creativity or output.

So, thanks for stopping by! Really hope you pop in again soon.

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